Parahamsa is a mythic bird representing the ability to live in two worlds at once…

the world of the material and the world of the spiritual

the world of present existence and the world of possibility

My name is Deana Zabaldo, and I live in two worlds: San Francisco, California and the wild Himalayas. I am passionate about the people, culture, history, art, food, and lifestyle of Nepal and Bhutan, and I’d like to show you these countries in a way that few people experience them. I invite you to join me for an unparalleled journey into the heart of the Himalayas.

Every journey we take shapes us, and I facilitate transformative travel: connecting people, bridging cultures, and exploring outward while also reflecting inward. Travel changes our perspective on ourselves and on the world. It helps us to find greater inspiration about what we are capable of and the world we can shape. Take a journey and see for yourself.