In Love Again

May 13, 2010

in California

In the final minutes of a 12-hour flight, I was bleary-eyed and tired. Over 30 hours in transit, too many movies, and not enough sleep. I could have stayed hidden in the Himalayas for another month with pleasure, but instead I was returning home to all sorts of uncertainties and a backlog of work.

We banked and turned south along the Pacific seaboard, filling my scuffed 747 window with a coastal panorama. Waves breaking in foamy bursts against chocolate cliffs. Spits of sand in short arcs, forming brief beaches on the rugged shore. Pastures, turned unrelentingly green from all the rain I’ve missed, rolling inland towards snowy crests of the Rockies. I was smitten, doused in that girlish giddiness of infatuation. Grinning. Like an idiot.

How can the green and blue earth suffuse me with warmth like a new romance? I didn’t think I was excited to come home, but as I traced the familiar curves of Highway 1 from Bodega Bay and Point Reyes to the Golden Gate bridge, I was radiant. In love with California all over again. Heart full again. Welcomed home by the expanse of earth beneath my wings.

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annie May 14, 2010 at 9:31 am

I know this feeling. Happens to me everytime. Fills me. Welcomes me home.

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