Don’t Mess With Your Yeti (A Bhutanese Folktale)

November 25, 2010

in Bhutan


Eight men were going to Tibet to trade goods when they were robbed. The robbers took all their clothing, goods, and money. Fearing retribution, the robbers then killed the traders–but one man lived. Cold, naked, and hungry, he walked in the snow until he was exhausted and wished he were dead.

The trader passed out in the snowy forest but awoke in a warm cave. A fire was burning, and a large hairy Yeti sat beside it. The Yeti motioned the man to come near and gave him warm furs for clothing and food to eat.

Over time the Yeti—who turned out to be a Yetini—learned to communicate with the man. She brought food to their cave and cared for the man. Eventually, they developed an intimate relationship. A child was born.

After some months, the man longed for his village. He tried many times to escape from the cave on the cliff, but he could not. Finally, he tied furs and vines together, lowered himself from the cave, and ran home.

The Yetini returned and discovered the man had abandoned her. She was very angry, so she tore their child into pieces. She ate half and threw the father’s half away.

The end.

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