November 18, 2011

in Nepal

I’m all shook up.

Here in Nepal, we’ve felt at least six small earthquakes in the last two weeks. When I was out visiting the Children’s Home recently, we had three in a single night. Two of them were big enough to strongly rock the house back and forth.

Back in Kathmandu, most of them have felt very small, with the epicenter 25 miles away or more. Every few days, they wake me in the night with a slight rocking. I wonder for a moment if I’m really feeling what I think I’m feeling, but when they persist a few seconds longer, I’m sure.

I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt so many earthquakes in successive nights. Like everyone in Kathmandu, I’m hopeful this will relieve some tectonic pressure and spare the country a major quake. In 1934, a magnitude 8.4 earthquake hit Northern India and caused extensive damage in Kathmandu. I can’t tell you most construction has improved much since then. The growing Himalayas are prone to earthquakes, and if another of that magnitude were to hit Kathmandu, it would be truly disastrous.

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