Dancing Into Her Future

December 10, 2011

in Nepal, Philanthropy

With big sister Solo Maya at Ama Ghar

Maya arrives in Kathmandu in time to celebrate Tihar with her new sisters & brothers. photo credit: Bonnie Ellison


Ama Ghar recently had a family day and inauguration of their new building, so I went out to visit and see how Maya was doing. She had arrived at the orphanage during Tihar, which meant days of feasting, singing, and celebration — a good way to begin! As the youngest of 36 kids, she is now getting loads of attention. Staff and children alike seem to love her already, and the older children like to carry her around. What I heard repeatedly, from ALL of them, is that Maya is a great dancer!

Maya proudly showed me her bunk bed and her very own trunk, filled with new clothes. I gave her a big furry pillow as a present, which she hugged and squeezed and then stuffed in her trunk for later. She told me she had started school and began chattering away about the two dogs, her friend Pooja, all the motorcycles parked out front, the people arriving, the cookies they were serving……

I was delighted to see Maya happy and joyful, as I’m sure you will be, too. Here’s a short video with some excerpts from her journey (and a few dance moves). Special thanks to Leslie Bristow for video production and to our donors. Together we have transformed the course of Maya’s life and opened up a future of possibility. And remember, you knew her before she became a famous dancer.

Maya’s Journey

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