Shopping Is Hard Work

April 23, 2012

in Nepal


Around 9am, shops open, and the day picks up speed. I need to buy $5,000 in jewelry in a few days, which is harder than you think. Time to start shopping. First up: prayer bead bracelets. After examining a dizzying array of styles, beads, and sizes, I end up with 300 on order in a variety of patterns and a 25 year sales boy who has a new crush on me. He keeps most of the order in his head, only noting down a few colors and quantities.

I move on to small jewelry shops, then one of my main suppliers. In a cool rectangle of glass cases, I sift through a hundred odd styles of earrings, rings, bracelets…selecting, rejecting, ordering changes of stones or size. Suddenly I realize it’s 4pm, and I’m having trouble making decisions because I’m starving.

Refueled, I visit my friend and  non-profit partner Neel to catch up on life, work, 13 children, and construction plans. By 8pm, I am bleary-eyed and tired, so I go to bed without dinner and wake up for a midnight snack.

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