Yoga Model for Day

November 18, 2012

in Nepal

Pharping yoga

Photo by Alex Treadway

My friend Sam, who owns Pranamaya Yoga in Kathmandu, was heading up for an afternoon at Pharping Monastery atop the southern mountains ringing the Kathmandu Valley. When she invited me join her, I thought, “Absolutely.” When she said, “Bring some yoga clothes to pose in,” I had a moment of hesitation, but off I went nonetheless.

Less than two years old, Pranamaya Yoga is the studio I always wished Kathmandu had. With lovely spaces, a wide variety of styles and teachers, and already opening a third location, Pranamaya is a local hit. They also run weekly 3-day retreats at Pharping–a picturesque monastery and guesthouse with sweeping views of valley and mountains.

Sure enough, I ended up as a yoga model for the day, along with some of Sam’s yoga teachers and other friends. I didn’t quite realize I had signed up for a yin class: hold that triangle pose, hold it…hold it in your best possible alignment, hold it, hold it…hold it some more! Can you do that one more time?! It was, however, an absolute delight to do some yoga among mountains, monks, and monastic beauty. Fabulous random Kathmandu afternoon–thanks, Sam!

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