Maya Has Homework

November 23, 2012

in Nepal, Philanthropy


One year after Maya flew with me to Kathmandu, she is adjusting well to life in her new home! She’s clearly more open and secure than when I saw her in the spring. Stability and love are powerful forces for transformation.

This visit, I brought a warm jacket for the approaching cold season and got to hang out for homework. Maya is now in an easy rhythm of going to school, having an afternoon snack, and doing her homework. See her in action in a short video. She’s a good student and quick to learn. I was amazed at how she responds to some of the things I say to her in English where she used to understand absolutely none. We’re starting an education fund for her now so that she’ll be able to study past high school. Donate and mention Education Fund in the special instructions.


Socially, she’s doing well at the home but is still a little withdrawn at school. Maya is a bit shy generally, and as I learned more about the extent of her abuse as an toddler, I’ve realized it will be a slow process for her to overcome those fears and memories. She’s well on her way though–bright and shining and playful in her new home. It fills my heart. As the youngest, she still gets plenty of love and attention. I hear she crawls into bed with the house mothers and doesn’t like to sleep alone.



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