How To Get Married

December 14, 2012

in Nepal


Local woman with a wooden jug of Nepali sake, tied with a prayer scarf.

If you see a girl you like at a festival or on the trail, prepare a big wooden jug full of Nepali sake and wrap it with a white prayer scarf. Go very secretly (VERY SECRETLY) with your family to meet her family when she is gone to the fields and ask to marry her. If the family does not accept, they will not drink the sake with you. If they do accept, you will all drink sake together, and the deal is made.


In a few days, take some of your friends and find the girl on the trail or in a field. Kidnap her by force and take her home with you. You can keep her for a few days until she becomes accustomed to married life. If after a while you still cannot convince her to stay, then she can go ahead and return home.


VERY SECRETLY is the important part of the arrangement because if the girl knows you are coming, she may hide or run away before you can catch her.



Does this really happen? "Oh yes--it's part of our culture. That's how I got married." (From the woman on the right.)

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