Peak Experience

April 20, 2013

in Nepal

Everest with Prayer Flags Everest with Prayer Flags


Day 8 the world turns to a moonscape. We cross the Tsang-ri glacier up and down and up and down over the rocks into Gorak Shep (place of the dead crow). Aptly named, there’s not much to sustain life up here. It’s an extreme world of rock and ice–and trekking teahouses, solar powered mobile communications, snickers bars, and a stream of yaks and porters supplying the Everest Expeditions at Base Camp. We humans are pretty amazing at traversing the earth.

The best weather of our trip hits with perfect timing. We scale Kala Pattar, breathing heavily and wondering how the climbers can possibly go 10,000 feet higher to the Everest summit! Avalanches slide down nearby mountainsides in the warming sun, and the 360-degree mountain views are spectacular–not only for the looming black peak of Everest!

Everest Base Camp 2 Everest Base Camp

Day 9 brings us to the apex of our journey: Everest Base Camp. Yellow, blue, and green tents spotting the monochromatic glacier, just steps from the infamous Khumbu Icefall. We get a tour from Dave Hahn of an Expedition setup and communications tent. We check out the Everest ER medical tent and meet the volunteer doctors who will spend the season treating everything from Khumbu cough to frostbite to GI distress to cerebral edema. Most amazing though is simply living on the glacier, spending the night in tents on the ice, listening to the crack and pop of the glacier beneath us, avalanches in the night, and the Sherpas singing and laughing in a kitchen nearby.

Avalanche near Everest Base Camp Avalanche near Everest Base Camp Lunch at Everest Base Camp Lunch at Everest Base Camp Everest The Classic View of Everest from Kala Pattar

Yaks on the way to Everest Base Camp

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