Down And Down Some More

April 23, 2013

in Nepal

Hiking down from Kala Pattar Starting to hike down



Days 10 & 11 see us losing altitude rapidly. What took us 5 days to ascend takes us 2 to descend. It’s a relief to be down below 14,000 feet, where our lungs suddenly feel FULL with air, where trees grow, villages dot the landscape, our bodies feel better, and the earth is less barren. The high glacial landscape is truly stunning, but I don’t want to live for two months on the ice like the climbers do. Everyone is pleased to come down to showers, beer, internet, and the blooming rhododendrons.

IMG_2595 Nanga, Mani, Kaji — our Sherpa team — and Guide Dawa



Days 12 & 13 are long hiking days back to the short airstrip of Lukla. Before we fly out to Kathmandu, we celebrate all together 16 staff (not including our yak crossbreeds), 11 clients, and me. Our whole team made it to Base Camp and back–and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing Nepali staff. I think we have some of the best staff on the mountain, from our cook to our Sherpas to our kitchen servers delivering morning tea. We share a traditional Nepali meal, tips & gifts, and singing and dancing–spirits run high with a sense of success! (And we’re all wiped out from the hike and the dancing!)

IMG_2606 Rhododendrons in Bloom Wild Himalayan Mountain Goats Wild Himalayan Mountain Goats

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