Maya Comes For A Visit

April 29, 2013

in Nepal, Philanthropy

IMG_2869 Photo shoot: Yak and Yeti Gardens
Style: Pink Scarf by Kristin Czepyha



Maya is not a morning person. Like a friend with a hangover, she ignores the sun pouring in as the curtains are drawn back, and when she finally rises with the back of her arm shielding her eyes, she acts like getting out of bed is the greatest of effort and inconvenience. She will not bother to speak a word to you until she’s brushed her teeth and is standing in the warm shower.

By mid-morning through the rest of the day, she is a chatterbox: We will go look for the ducks before breakfast, okay? I want to see the fish. Tomorrow I will shower by myself. Will you teach me how? That’s Sharuk Khan (film star)–I like him. I need a tiger and a lion and puppies and baby chickens. Are we going to Kathmandu? We’re IN Kathmandu? Where is your house? Where are my colored pencils? Butterfly, butterfly (singing), such a pretty butterfly….

Even at 9pm, she has her sassy little walk, tossing her pink scarf over her shoulder, and marching down the hall of the hotel, key in hand, in charge of opening the door and everything else.




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