6 years, 6 months, and 3 days

May 3, 2013

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Having a 6-year-old is exhausting but fun. It has caused me to learn 6 months of parenting lessons, fears, and joys in about 3 days:

–No clothes will ever be clean for a second day of wear. Ever again.
–Tying your own shoes is supremely important, even if they come unlaced in 10 minutes.
–Beef jerky, bananas, and rice crackers are much easier snacks than say, japanese tempura.
–The best color is PINK. The more, the better.
–Actually, bananas are a mess, too.
–Children should take baths instead of showers so they don’t slip and kill themselves while washing their hair and dancing.
–Your food is whatever they don’t eat.
–Waking up to a cracker on the pillow next to you should not surprise you, even if you never saw the crackers.
–A sick child will generate a whole new breed of worry.
–Children are amazingly resilient and bounce back like I wish I could.
–Other people will feed your child sugar at every opportunity.
–The cutest clothing accessory may be 5-inch shoes placed neatly in the corner when you weren’t looking…unless it’s a scarf tossed jauntily over a tiny shoulder.
–It takes 6 years or less to form strong opinions.
–Holding hands is fun.
–Careful: Someone is watching you. All the time.

I just want to say to every parent I know: I have renewed respect and admiration for each and every one of you. Oh yes I do.

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