May 5, 2013

in Philanthropy

Sunrise Sahuni Strong Sherpa Mama says, “No cash refunds!”

When I visited the family in Phakding who had originally taken Maya in, I learned that Maya’s father had heard she’d been placed in a foreign-run orphanage in Kathmandu. He had come to demand some money (now that rich foreigners were involved). The strong wife of the family laughed at him and said no way. She had a signed paper stating that he’d given Maya away and didn’t want her. If he wanted a refund, she would give him his child back. He wasn’t interested in that.

Maya’s father is still a drunk, and I hear he beats his new wife. All the Sherpa families say how lucky Maya is, and I have to agree. Her life is completely changed by the interest and support of our trekking groups. I know there are thousands of children like her in the world, but it feels pretty powerful to have changed the course of even one. I’m so grateful for everyone’s support!

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