Relax & Repeat

May 12, 2013

in Nepal

Deana w saddhu by brett woody Talking with the Hindu ascetics at Pashupatinath during a day of sightseeing. Photo by Brett Woody.



After a few days R&R in Kathmandu, it’s time to turn around and do it all over again…the stiff climbs, the steep descents, the landscape turning from lush to stark, the stars extra crisp in the sky with less intervening atmosphere. We meet Lama Geshe, play baseball with our sherpas, reach the peak of Kala Patar and the wind-whipped tents of Everest Base Camp before heading down, down, down, over 10,000 feet to the narrow airstrip in Lukla and on to Kathmandu.

IMG_3097 Monks at Tengboche blow conch shells announcing the time for afternoon prayers. IMG_3098 Tiger-headed Bardo figures painted on a wall. IMG_3110 From a land still green to high above… lama geshe blessing A blessing from Lama Geshe. Photo by Neil Asaba. IMG_3028 Everest Base Camp with prayer flags strung, meaning everyone is ready to climb! IMG_2991 Catching air over 14,000 feet is harder than it looks — but everyone is happy enough to try!


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