Moving Towards Mustang

September 30, 2014

in Nepal

Day in Pokhara: trek group with Ngawang, a Tibetan guerrilla fighter based in Mustang in the 1960’s, and his son Oangdi, our local guide.

Our journey began in Pokhara, a lakeside town with sweeping views of the Annapurna range, where we had the rare opportunity to speak with an old Tibetan Khampa warrior. In the 1960’s, Mustang was the base for Tibetan fighters resisting the Chinese invasion. We heard stories of life as a monk-turned-guerrilla fighter, receiving American CIA training, and excursions over the border to attack Chinese police. A decade later, the resistance ended, and the Tibetans who have lived in exile since then have taken wives from Mustang and settled in Nepal. Our local guide for the trip is the son of this old Tibetan warrior, and we’ve gotten a great preview of the Mustang culture and history to come.

A visit to the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara, a delicious dinner, and an early morning flight to Jomson to begin our trek…

International Mountain Museum, Pokhara

Taking off to the mountains…

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