Snowman Trek Bhutan — Beyond the End of the Road

August 12, 2019

Blessed, packed up, and ready for adventure, we drove off into the mountains on a road that wound up over a high pass, strewn with prayer flags and chortens. Bhutanese hospitality is everywhere, even on the roadside, where we met 2 truckloads of monks at the pass. They spoke some English and offered all of […]

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Snowman Trek Bhutan — Rituals and Mystics

August 6, 2019

Our Snowman Trek began in the western town of Paro with a cultural and religious orientation to Bhutan, as well as physical acclimatization to higher altitude. We explored the town’s dzong, a massive stone monastery-fortress which helped defend and unify this Buddhist nation. Today, it’s home to over 100 monks and also houses civil administration […]

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Snowman Trek Bhutan — Adventure in the High Himalayas

July 29, 2019

We were prepared for 24 days in the sheltered Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, 17 days crossing the Himalayas on one of the world’s toughest trekking routes, and about 2 weeks with no connection to the outside world beyond an emergency SAT phone…but the nature of adventure is that things don’t always go as planned.  On […]

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Treasure Lakes Trek – Nubsonapata

November 1, 2017

From the 10th-15th centuries, Bhutan was a land conducive to spiritual treasure-hunting. Treasure-finders, known as tertons, were generally monks with spiritual powers that allowed them to see and bring forth treasures including ritual objects and sacred texts. The area where I’m trekking holds the story of one of these treasure-hunters and is filled with treasure […]

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Buddhism in Bhutan

October 20, 2017

  Around Paro, the capital Thimphu, and surrounding areas, we can’t pass a temple without my wanting to explore it. I’m gathering stories and looking for interesting out-of-way places to build into future trips…and Bhutan does not disappoint. Dark rooms are painted with winged wrathful deities to protect the land from disease. Centuries-old wooden ladders […]

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Exploring Bhutan

October 15, 2017

  Bhutan is everything I love about trekking and travel. Endless expanses of alpine wilderness are dotted with high altitude flowers and sacred lakes, and yak herders roam the high country. In the valleys, richly painted monasteries are full of red-robed monks and secret markers lead to forest temples of fierce Tantric deities. Traditional farmhouses have […]

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On Fire!

September 5, 2017

  Fire is the element of vitality and passion. It springs up fast and wild, and needs to be fueled to remain bright. It’s symbolic of energy, creation, and transformation. This has been a summer of transformation, and I feel myself burning wild and bright! Within days after my last heart-wrenching post, I sat a 10-day silent Buddhist […]

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A New Geography

April 28, 2017

Deep fissures carve their way into my heart from watching the aftermath of destruction in Nepal, as well as from exhuming my own past. Two years this week since Nepal’s devastating earthquakes, and so many people still living in dire conditions.   The government has signed agreements for $3.1 billion in aid and is still collecting […]

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What’s Happening in 2016…

October 1, 2016

Hi–This is a blog post of our recent newsletter. If you did not receive this as a newsletter last Thursday and would like to know about our programs in Nepal, please email me.  I’m delighted to say that we have wonderful news and photos from our projects! (I won’t be posting the updates here this fall…only in the newsletter.) […]

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Upheaval and Restructuring

April 25, 2016

  A year since the Nepal earthquake, and I am finally feeling like myself again, feeling whole again. Healing is a slow process. At first I didn’t even realize how broken I was. My focus was entirely outward—on the safety and care of the clients I needed to evacuate from the country, on the staff […]

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