Take A Journey

If you dream of the spectacular Himalayas, if you want in-depth connection with people and insight into history, religion, tradition, art, politics, and change, then join us for a unforgettable experience to Nepal or Bhutan.


We offer hikes and treks throughout Bhutan and Nepal, specializing in a blend of adventure, cultural connection, comfort, challenge, classic highlights of the country, off-the-beaten path exploration, and most especially, authentic experiences with local people.


What To Expect

Greeting you upon arrival, we ensure that every aspect of your trip runs smoothly. Our trips are fully-supported, meaning that we include porters, kitchen staff, tent setup, private vehicles, and other support as needed so that you can enjoy your adventure!

We help prepare you for your travel in challenging places with detailed information, packing lists, and answers to all your questions. We utilize the most comfortable accommodations available while still venturing into more rustic areas at times. Hiking ranges from moderate to strenuous, depending on the trip, but we always have time to rest, take photos, stop for tea, and interact with locals.

Guide & Group

Traveling with a small group through extreme landscapes and exotic cultures allows you both flexibility and camaraderie. We keep our group size appropriate for entering homes, monasteries, and temples with ease. Our clients invariably make the travel more fun as they bring interesting perspective and enthusiasm to the group.

As your guide, Deana Zabaldo is passionate about the people, culture, and history of Nepal. She will show you the country in a way that few people experience while ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable, and engaging journey!


Ethical Travel

Concerned about the heritage and the future of Nepal and Bhutan, we are committed to ethical travel–including cultural and environmental preservation—as well as philanthropy throughout the year.