Ethical Travel

The Himalayas have earned a Shangri-la image from their dramatic landscape and welcoming people, but the region has also struggled with isolation, economic failure, environmental degradation, and influences of modernization. Parahamsa strives to contribute to people’s lives in a positive way while limiting environmental impact. My goal is to promote comfortable and exciting travel while working to preserve these exquisite landscapes and vibrant communities.

Commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility

•    We donate time, energy, and funds to support progressive social change in Nepal.

•    We patronize local businesses, and we support the local economy by hiring local guides and porters.

•    We ensure that porters are well taken care of, from cold weather clothes to fair pay.

•    We encourage reduction of plastic water bottle waste through the use of boiled and purified water.

•    We discourage use of plastic bags that generate litter and become a breeding ground for disease.

•    We build awareness by discussing the political, socio-economic, and environmental issues that affect people’s lives.

•    We seek out individuals and organizations who are innovative in their attempts to ameliorate social and environmental problems, and we publicize and support their efforts.

•    We discourage begging by giving to communities, schools, and local organizations.

I also personally give time, energy, and funds to support grassroots social change through Changing Lives Nepal.