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Oct 18- Nov 4, 2017, Crossing Bhutan, SOLD OUT

This expansive journey will sweep across Bhutan, from the capital of Thimphu to secluded far- east villages, blending monastery visits, handicraft demonstrations, village bonfires, and mask dance festivals with two short, remote treks. The first trek, at higher altitude, will offer sweeping views of the Himalayas–only a few groups have ever walked this route. The second trek, at lower altitude, will venture through villages, temples, and schools in an area only recently opened to tourists. We are likely to be one of the first tourist groups to follow this route. Both treks have well-established local trails.

In the wilderness and towns of the Himalaya’s most protected kingdom, you will find yourself welcomed by monks, herders, weavers, and farmers. This is an ideal journey for those wanting both an active adventure and an in-depth cultural experience—and it is a path rarely traveled.

Parahamsa creates unique journeys, ensuring comfortable and exciting travel. My intent is to connect you with people and places in a meaningful way while showing you the best of the country. In particular, I strive to balance popular local sights with more remote or unusual areas, offering in-depth information and cultural entree throughout the trip.

Mar 26 – Apr 10 2018, BHUTAN — Chomolari Trek

Stunning up-close views of Bhutan’s sacred goddess mountain make this trip a Bhutan classic! We visit the famous Tiger’s Nest monastery perched on a cliff, attend a colorful Buddhist mask dance festival, and trek through beautiful alpine wilderness. Village visits, monastery tours, handicraft demonstrations, and a tour of the capital Thimphu allow you to experience all the highlights of Bhutan. Trekking is challenging but attainable, with snow-capped mountains in full view. This journey will be run through Mountain Madness. Full details here.

13 days, 9 days trekking, moderate to strenuous, max altitude 16,130 ft, 6-10 people.

~May 1-13 2018, BHUTAN — Heros & Legends (Tour & Trek) 

Ancient Tantric masters subduing demons and curing disease, fierce feminine deities, spiritual adepts practicing crazy wisdom, and Buddhist treasure hunters…Travel with me as I tell you stories from across the centuries in Bhutan. I love the myths, magic, and history of Himalayas, so we will visit some of my favorite off-the-beaten path temples and beautiful monasteries. We will also trek the Treasure Lakes—high alpine country covered with rhododendrons in a stunning display of bloom. Fire offering by the sacred lake at our highest campsite. You can also enjoy a traditional hot stone bath, an archery lesson, traditional Bhutanese meals, village visits, and more!

~12 days, 5 days trekking, max altitude ~14,500 ft, 6-10 people

~Nov 1-15 2018, BHUTAN — Tantric Journey Through the Inner and Outer Worlds 

Connect with your highest self, learn ancient wisdom teachings, and be immersed in the culture and spiritual depth of the Himalayas! This journey combines personal discovery with day hikes, monastery visits, Buddhist teachings, village visits, and more! The days will blend regional exploration (the outer world) with activities to explore the inner world: guided meditation and relaxation, writing & reflection, small-group sharing, somatic practice, cultivating intention, etc. Both the inner and outer explorations will incorporate the rich traditions and iconography of Tantric Buddhism.

Prior experience with meditation or Buddhism is not required. What is most important is that you bring a willingness to explore yourself, explore Bhutan, and be open to the experience. This is a journey of personal exploration steeped in the rich spiritual heritage of the region, while welcoming and accepting your personal faith and beliefs. 

~11 days, day hikes, hotels each night, max altitude ~10,500 ft, 6-10 people


Apr 30-May 24, 2019, BHUTAN — Dancing Yak Trek

High-altitude trek through some of Bhutan’s most magnificent landscapes with visits to sacred spaces, fortress-monasteries, local villages, and yak-herder encampments. If you’ve been waiting for a longer, challenging big-mountain trek, this will be it! 

25 days, ~19 days trekking, strenuous, max altitude ~17,500 ft

…And one additional fall trek TBD in Bhutan


Please contact me for further details on any trip.

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